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For some of you, you may have seen me posting a few journals here and there promoting But a few days later, watched me remove the content from my gallery? You may be seeing this advertisement floating around dA's site (not my screenshot btw);

The webmaster/creator of the site goes by Ascended Vegeta/BarryKhabbazi on Youtube. On here, his account is saberfsk (but I won't link it since it wasn't used until very recently when he started getting desperate to get site activity back up lately).

There is a valid reason for why I deleted those things and removed all traces of association with that site. Remember how I've stated that I was on the site for 4 years (since 2011)? And that I modded the Art section there? I was demodded. And ended up banned right after I watched my friends get harassed and banned.

The reason is simple: Ascended Vegeta is, plainly put, a tyrant.

Now don't get me wrong: I used to love this site and thought of it as my safe escape. But recent events got me thinking, and AF no longer holds that place within my heart. It was the people in it that kept me grounded to it. Without them, I would have left long ago. What I'm about to discuss is disheartening even for me, and it has gotten me to think about the validity behind the other cases of bannings AF has seen in these past years, and why some of the lifted bans usually didn't have the infracted return afterwards.

Shortly after I put those links up, he put this thread up talking about how we need to recruit more members. Eventually the topic shifted to how we could KEEP them, since AF has a tendency to recruit a ton of members in a week, but barely any of them actually post or stay. There were some members more blunt than I was, and several other comments in, it was clear they weren't listening at all and just kept suggesting advertising methods. I quoted someone else and one of the admins, Saber said in response: "Change is not always good" using YT as an example. I argued, well, we won't know if we don't try it, it's not 2007 anymore, etc. Ascended immediately told me-- "Recruit 1/100th of how many I've referred (1%) and then you can diss my opinion". Whoa, crybaby much? 

A few members came to my defense (which I didn't ask them to), one being a Senior mod like I was, to which AV demodded him and me saying we supposedly attacked him and the site. lolwut
The other person didn't come on since 2012, but I'll post this screenshot since it's rather long:

Demodding never got your Clan Rank (which is something AF offers) lowered.

I offered to discuss the problem with AV via PMs after I saw him move my posts to the Mod Forum for 'evidence'. Instead Saber told me I was abusing my powers by doing that and I lost the right. 
>they literally used their powers and abused them in front of me for damage control.

I haven't a clue what they mean by "protecting the group" since the last feud I had with them is completely unrelated and it was because AV got butthurt that I didn't like his idea to install a chatbox into AF (I find them annoying). If anything the last fiasco, the troublemaker got rewarded and I took the heat.
>trying to make peace
This is a lie. He never talked to me in PMs or tried to resolve it peacefully about this. Every time I came on, he would post on my page that I attacked him and was no longer welcome on AF. And he literally told me to go away. Resolving peacefully my foot. I asked him to stop spamming my page with lies and harassing me, and he says "NO UR HARASSING ME!!!!1111!!!!" 

This thread by the way was moved out of public sight for a few days before they put it back after they removed all the 'negative' comments on it. Including mine.

He falsely accused me of knowing the member who tore him open, with no evidence to back him up.

Here's the "sick burn" he tried to give Jaku:

Such association, very wow

Eventually, he closed my PMs to try and dig INTO MY ACCOUNT. He deleted 3 months worth of my blogs as well (I don't know why). 

My last 2 blogs were my goodbye letter on AF and links for people to follow me on this site and social media, including tumblr and youtube. These were allowed on AF. But, for the sake of convenience, he edited my blog and deleted it to make it look like I purposely tried to advertise another forum the people who left with me made so we could communicate easily and away from AV's harassing eyes. It has nothing to relate to the original reason why I got in a fight with him, yet it's the only legitimate crap-pull he could make. I watched my friends get banned before I got the boot. I posted nothing for a solid week, so him saying I did nothing but advertise to another forum is a bold-faced lie. I was half tempted to ask him to give me proof I did it (I have nothing for him TO prove so I wasn't worried), but he'd probably ban me immediately.

Anyone who tried to reason with him was threatened for being banned if they weren't already.

He took so much time to demonize me and my friends and try to drag me in the mud before forcing me off. He makes it look like I have an occult when in reality, people knew he was going off on a tirade.

The thing is, these incidents have already happened before in a repeating cycle.

Ascended Vegeta/Barry Khabbazi (his YT name) has a penchant of recruiting young kids around 12-15 the most-- these are the most impressionable and easiest for him to manipulate into siding with him blindly. I was one of those people.

Eventually, however, these 'kids' grow up into teens and adults, their naivety diminishes. They become more critical. Less of yes-men and more their own people. AV doesn't like when that happens. And if it happens more than once, he bans them to restart the cycle.

This cycle however, might be his last. Most of the people who left AF with me were THE most active posters the site's seen since its peak in 2012/2013. I was #3 in posts.

One of the most recent banned had tried to legitimately help AV, but AV showed his true colors.

Mind you, this is a fellow mod who was also demodded.
AV's response was less than dignified.

(but lmao the tractor part)
This member got a handful of hate mail as well.
>You are here at my expense
>No one has the right to be here or be staff
Does that mean nobody has the right to browse the internet? I swear, he just literally broke at Vegetto's statement.
With this logic, YOU, AV, have a forum running at the expense of VBulletin and WebhostingUK. Animeforum itself is alive at the expense of its members posting amd donating to it. Or did you forget that they can just take your forum away with the press of a button as easily as you can ban members with a mouse click?
Only someone with this big an ego would stoop that low and call long-time members "ingrates" for not seeing him as infallible like he sees himself. Get over yourself, Ascended.

AV is anything but professional-- using this sort of language with your STAFF members (and members in general) when you're angry with them is anything but. In fact, you shouldn't speak to anybody this way. Not even when I was insanely angry with him did I use language like that when talking to him. Weren't you taught some basic manners, you egotistical tyrant?

He and Saber tend to mistreat their staff members (who don't get paid, mind you) when things don't go the way they want. AV didn't hesitate to ban a long-time mod like me, so it doesn't make sense that he suddenly hated me. We got along very well, and I literally have never picked on admins. If they had an issue with me or the way I speak/use words, why did they wait to tell me they had a problem when they banned me for it? AV is in literal terms, a crybaby. He just cannot stand people not agreeing with him.

Those who had no part in this and left, had their PMs made inaccessible and their clans removed. One who had no choice but VM him to try and get him to listen to others was called a liar and threatened banishment.

UPDATE: Last night, a fellow member left a message on AV's page saying that she was leaving the site, not wishing to remain on it anymore after watching me and our friends get ran off and banned from the site.

AV didn't even respond verbally. This was his response:

He deleted her message along with the goodbye blog post she posted a while earlier, along with taking away her ability to view or make more blogs.

This was Aiyami's response:

I'll update once I get confirmation whether or not Aiyami ends up banned or not. update: yup, got banned.

The normal procedure has always been warnings before cool off bans or full on bans. Right now, they're just handing out bans like candy to anyone that is pointing out their low blows.

AV and Saber accused me of abusing my powers, yet logged into my and anothers' account, fabricated evidence using my post to edit and frame me, deleting things outright to make it look as if I & others never responded to him or for damage control, moving threads from public eye, and literally deletes things to silence other people. He even moved approved advertising off public view just so he could use that as means of permanently banning me. He bends his own rules if he sees it fit his side better. In fact, citizens are given the right to contest their ban in court; yet me and those who were banned by association were never given that. I'm straight-up I.P. banned.

TL;DR: Do not join if you get invited to it. Those who so much as even question a decision or do not agree to every little thing he says get forced off the site and harassed, and his brainwashed cult who remain won't hesitate to weed you out even by association (on or off site against you). Testimony of a fellow mod who was also banned; Animeforum The majority of people who left the site with me were all mods at some point or another, and the ones who weren't were either newer members who didn't feel safe anymore (the supposed point to AF's existence) or were also long time members who knew it was outrageous.

While this may seem like I'm trying to dirty AF's reputation out of revenge (you aren't quite wrong), I really am only being vocal about this because I don't want this literal 50 year old man to be going around recruiting impressionable kids only to verbally abuse/emotionally manipulate them if they do anything he deems as 'treacherous' to his precious little site. I also don't want innocent people getting abused and humiliated simply because they're associated with me (even though they literally have done nothing to deserve such treatment). This site's staff will protect its most troublesome members (they allowed a registered female sex offender to roam their site and banned her when the damage was done already, and banned a troll member after YEARS of him being banned in and out. They have also banned a mod for banning a troublesome member, which AV unbanned and demodded the mod.), but they will not hesitate to ban and threaten the harmless simply because you don't want to be a part of their hivemind. He has been known to harass people who long left the site as well, on a previous incident. It's highly probable AV has 2 or 3 alternate accounts on AF as well (Tien & Cooler, who have been confirmed to have the same IP login address as AV by 2 supermods of which I will not reveal their names for their safety). AV has also driven off a former Supermod/Admin and was said to have a relationship with her but harassed her off the site too (this the proof may have been removed by Ascended's hand).

and AV, if you're reading this: I was never out to get you and I wouldn't want to. Honestly, I have better things to do than try to destroy your obscure anime forum that won't bounce back from this publicity stunt you pulled. Get over yourself. And quit harassing minors and targeting those who have less power than you do because you know they can't fight back in the positions you put them on AF. If you decide to come after me or anyone anywhere else, you'll be getting a Cease and Desist Order.

I'm not afraid to speak out about this because nobody should be subject to being silenced and trash-talked by a 50 year old over a literal opinion they have. Ascended has proved to me that he acts like a child more than a middle aged adult. Send out your kissups for me all you like. You can't touch me. You never had power over me, and you never will. Get off your high horse. Just because you have a forum doesn't make you Queen of England. Pun fully intended.

Go to some better managed and better led forums; there's plenty out there. Animeforum is simply not one of them. 

Additional testimonies about Ascended:
Same People by LoopyPanda


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